Sunday, February 27, 2011

...don't forget about España!

Guell Park. Mark, Colleen, Me, Elizabeth, and Dom

Barcelona was AMAZING! I had a wonderful time in Spain. We (Me, Blair, and Dom) left on a Thursday night and got into Spain a little after 11pm. I was going to be meeting up with my friend Mark from CUA who is studying in Barcelona for the semester and my friend Colleen from Holy Child who is studying in Belfast, Ireland. She was going to be staying with our other friend from Holy Child--Elizabeth. Blair, Dom, Colleen and I were all planning on staying in Spain with different people, but it turned out that all of friends ended up living in the same apartment complex! That was perfect.

So on Thursday night we got to Mark's place by around midnight and Dom and I decided to go out with him for a bit. We met up with some of Mark's friends including our friend Corey who I've known for years. The bar we went to had a huge room with a ton of wooden tables and chairs, and on the back wall there was a huge painting. It was a picture of Barcelona being hit by a tidal wave. In the scene there were dolphins and fish that popped out and so the picture was 3D. It was so cool.

Friday morning we woke up and Me, Dom, and Colleen ended up heading into the city. We started heading towards some buildings that Gaudi had designed. First of all, Gaudi is awesome! His art work is so cool. It's so different, too! We really liked the first few that we saw, so we decided to go to a Gaudi museum called La Pedrera.

This place was awesome! Inside was so cool. We saw this one floor of the apartment building that was so pretty. Please go check out the pictures on my Facebook because I think they're totally worth seeing. We got to up to the very top of the building as well and the view of the city was pretty awesome. The roof was my favorite part because the architecture is just so different! Gaudi's work reminds me of Dr. Suess. He uses the most unique shapes and lots of colors.

Here's a picture on the roof with Dom and Colleen:

After this we met up with one of Mark's friends named Joe and he took us to the beach! We got dinner and sat down in the sand for a couple hours. Afterward we met up with Mark and went to see a fountain light show. Here's me and Mark!

The fountain show was pretty crazy. I put up like 20 pictures of it on Facebook.

So after the show we went out for dinner and got a bunch of tapas! Yumm! Patatas Bravas were my favorite! It was potatoes with this creamy sauce on top that is delicious. I loved all the food we ate in Spain! Everything is fried. It's amazing. After dinner we all went out and had a really fun night. Friday night was my favorite. The club we went to was right on the beach and so much fun! People in Spain are crazy.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out to Sagrada Familia. It's a really famous church, probably the most popular site visited in Barcelona. It has the craziest architecture. Another Gaudi creation.

The inside was beautiful, too!

I loved the church. We were there for hours and took a tour upstairs also.

Afterwards, we met up with Mark and Elizabeth at Guell Park. Gaudi designed this park for some rich man way back when, but now it's open to the public and has some of the coolest stuff ever. The park is huge and is up on this enormous hill (more like a mountain). The walk up killed my legs, but it was so worth it. The designs, like I said before, are gorgeous. I loved the mosaics and colors and different styles! Here are some pictures to get a good idea. Me and Mark are so cute together :)

The view from the top of the park was awesome. It felt like we were on top of the world.

Gaudi was so cool. Saturday night we went out to dinner again (dinner is never earlier than 10pm in Spain) and had some delicious fried calamari. We met up with one of Mark's Spanish friends. Alejandro was so awesome! He was so nice and a lot of fun. Afterward, Dom, Mark, and I headed to the beach and hung out by the sea. We said goodbye to the waves at around 4am and headed back to the hotel so that we could get to the airport by around 5am. We didn't go to bed Saturday night. It was absurd. We had so much fun in Barcelona!

Thank you Mark for the wonderful hospitality! See you in Rome in a few weeks!

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