Monday, February 28, 2011 as the Romans do and go to Venice for Carnevale!


CARNEVALE!!! Our day trip to Venice was way too short. Luckily the city is tiny and so we probably saw everything throughout the course of the day, but I really wish we could have enjoyed the festivities more.

As soon as we arrived in Venice we all bought our masks. Everyone's looked so pretty!

(Blair, Melissa, and Me)

Except for Ben's...which actually was really creepy and scary but that's what he was going for. Boys are weird. Dom's mask was pretty cool though...

...however he found it hard to drink/eat while wearing it.

After our purchases we got onto the boat to take us somewhere near Piazza San Marco where the main events were going on throughout the day. We all were starving so we stopped off and picked up lunch as soon as we got off the boat. We were with a group of about ten people so ordering lunch took forever. It was getting really difficult to walk around with that many people, so Blair, Dom and I decided to just head out and venture on our own. We walked down side streets and took pictures of the canals. It was a lot less crowded once we were off the main road so that was a lot nicer. Everything about Venice is so charming! The gondolas are so romantic, the windows and balconies are so pretty, and there were lights and decorations all throughout the city for the festival.

After walking a little bit we decided it was time to buy some bottles of wine and start celebrating. Wine in Italy is so cheap and delicious it amazes me. After buying our wine we headed straight for San Marco Square to meet up with Blair's roommate Diane. Once we got there, the square was packed and tons of people were in costume. My favorite was this most adorable little Italian boy ever wearing an alligator costume. He saw me looking at him and had the cutest shy little smile every time he looked at me. I saw his mom give him a big bag of confetti to throw on the crowd. So I smile at the boy, and told him to throw a bunch at Dom while he was sitting down next to me. Dom's back was facing the boy so he had no idea what was coming. The little boy looked at me, looked at Dom, looked at his confetti, looked back at me and smiled, and then threw a huge handful of confetti right above Dom! It was the cutest thing ever. The little boy thought it was so funny and all of my friends and I laughed and clapped and even Dom really enjoyed it. I hope one day my kid is as cute as that little Italian boy.

The rest of the night we went into some shops, drank more wine, stayed in Piazza San Marco and listened to music and celebrated with the rest of the crowd. It was a really fun day trip, but hopefully I can get the chance to go back to Venice and spend more than 7 hours there!

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