Thursday, March 17, 2011

...don't go to Florence and buy fake gelato. Just buy leather.

Alright sorry's been quite a while. The second to last trip we took was with the school to the Tuscany region. We went for three days and visited three different places: Pisa, Florence, and Trequanda.

So Friday morning we got up early, went to school, and took a bus to Pisa. Surprisingly I was able to sleep most of the way there so it didn't feel like that long of a ride. (Thanks Zach for being my pillow!) When we arrived in Pisa we were immediately preyed on by a whole bunch of men trying to sell us jewelry and sunglasses. In case you didn't know...sunglasses are my weakness. As soon as they pulled out the Ray Bans I started bargaining. Luckily I got them down to a great price of 10euro for a really nice pair. (Sadly I lost these day one of my Greece some, lose some. Lost a lot in Greece.)

So I'm rocking my new shades and we head to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. That literally is the only interesting thing in Pisa. The city takes about five minutes to see. (Not really, but it is tiny.) So we had a delicious lunch in Pisa, drank some wine, ate great food, and headed back to the Tower to take some awesome pictures! For example:

classic picture of me saving Pisa :)

So Pisa was a LOT of fun. Day two (Saturday) we headed to Florence, where I proceeded to spend lots and lots of money on leather. Shocker.

Florence was so pretty! We took a tour of the city and saw some beautiful churches including the Duomo:

Afterward we got some good Pisa and were all craving gelato! We had walked by this place earlier that looked delicious and have gelato and waffles with Nutella. So we head to there and we each order our gelato with waffles and Nutella. As I'm ordering I ask the lady how much it's going to be and she just responds "every one is different." So I'm like oh okay, well right I guess she's just going to weigh it or something. She didn't give me an option for sizes and I didn't see any on display. So I get to the register...20euro for this dessert. I almost threw the gelato at the lady. It was absurd! And then after spending that much, it wasn't even good gelato! The banana flavor tasted like a Laffy Taffy! So nasty. And the waffles with Nutella was not as delicious as it sounds. So depressing. Such a let down.

After being extremely upset and bitter about my dessert, we headed to the leather market in hopes of finding lots of goodies. Which we did. Lots of them.

First purchase: leather belt. Very nice and very necessary. After that I bought some AMAZING leather gloves that were so well priced AND with cashmere lining. Then I bought a cute T-shirt and a scarf. Then the big purchase: adorable leather bag that smells so good.

From there we headed to the famous bridge in Florence -- Ponte Vecchio. There we took pictures by the Arno River. Along the river there are changes with locks all over them, very similar to ones we saw in Prague. These locks have been left by people who use the lock as a symbol of their love. Together a couple with lock the lock onto the chain and throw away the key into the river so that their love is in a way permanently bound. So beautiful :)

Once we got to the Ponte Vecchio I was in search of finding a piece of jewelry that I would always remember as something I bought from Italy. I found a really gorgeous ring and spent quite a bit of money one, but I love it and wear it pretty much every day. That was one of my favorite buys thus far.

After spending the day in Florence we said good bye and headed back to our awesome hotel. There we received a delicious five course meal! Both nights the dinner was delicious and included great pasta and salad and wine and different meats. I was very, very please with the hotel we stayed in. The school did a wonderful job choosing a place to stay. And it was really fun being with a lot of our friends from school.

The last day we went to Trequanda for our wine tasting tour and it was BEAUTIFUL. We got there and everyone just went, "so...why didn't we just come here all weekend?" The view was to die for and I honestly could have spent so long just sitting down and looking out at the Tuscany region.

Unfortunately by this day my camera battery died so I couldn't take as many pictures as I wanted. However, go on my Facebook and check out the views and pictures I'm tagged in because they are so pretty! Trequanda was a great last day. I had the most delicious meal there and some amazing chicken and pasta. It was heavenly. And we also learned how to make pasta! Unfortunately...I forgot how to. But it was really fun making some!

Within the next few days I plan to blog about Greece, but that one is going to be a long post and might take a while because we went a few places, it was spring break so there is a lot to talk about, and I want to upload a LOT of pictures to that.

So long for now!

Ciao Ragazzi!