Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...do as the Romans do!

Six days left until I leave for ROMA! About a million things left to do...including packing...I should probably get on that. I'm sure we have suitcases somewhere...

I still need to figure out my cell phone situation (fingers crossed Mom gets me a blackberry), go to Costco (stocking up on Reese's), go to the mall, go to Harris Teeter (yeah Harry Teets!), call the credit card company, and I'm working all this week and have plans for the entire weekend. Doesn't really leave that much time for other stuff. Hmm...Might not be able to go to both UMD basketball games this week. Oh mio Dio! I just remembered I need to go get a shot at the doctor's office. Perfect. I guess that's one way to start the morning...

I mentioned going to the mall, that's because I need a new wardrobe. Or at least a little bit of a change. Goal numero uno while in Rome: pass as an Italian. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! So far I've gotten a new pair of boots that will hopefully help me pass. I'm leaving the UGGs and sneakers behind. Arrivederci Nikes! Some of you might know about my hat collection. Leaving that behind, too (except for my red Maryland cap, gotta keep that one with me). That whole wardrobe dilemma is a whole other problem that I'm sure I will be able to better figure out when I get to Italy. However, I'm sure Joy can appreciate me stressing about what to wear over there. She changes outfits ten times a day and ask my opinion on all of them. God love her...(I'll miss you little one!) <--no pun intended

So it looks like these next six days are going to be filled with a lot of stuff. I feel like I've been waiting for months and months and months to go to Rome. Oh wait, that's because I have been, ha ha silly me. This last week is taking forever to get through. So worth it though. Next week--ITALIA! ROMA! VINO! PASTA! VINO! PANE! VINO! I'm almost positive my diet next semester will consist only of bread, wine, and pasta. And I am completely fine with that! My dad is terrified I'm going to fall in love with some hot, sexy, romantic Italian man and then never come home. What's more likely to occur? I fall in love with the food and can't leave Italy for fear of dying of starvation when I come back and face the terrible food American's are forced to eat. Che sarĂ  sarĂ . Don't worry, Daddy, I SWEAR I will come home by June.

Alright, grazie to those who have read this. I promise there will be more interesting and exciting posts in the future.

Oh and one more thing...Debbie I'll let you know as soon as your request has been filled. :)


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  1. Love it!

    I would stress less about the clothes and buy them when you're here! Everything is on sale right now (I'll explain the sale later) and wouldn't it be way cooler to have Italian clothes rather than clothes that look Italian? ;-)

    Can't wait to see you!!!